About MutualAid

Welcome to the MutualAidWorld docs!

Resilience helps mutual aid organizers serve their communities by providing ready-made, evolving software.We hope folks are staying safe and sane in the midst of this crisis. We’re so grateful to all the talented, passionate people who have jumped into this project with us.We are volunteers who want to help others, and this is an open-source initiative.Our hope is for this project to be non-hierarchical and self-managing. For those who aren’t used to it, this kind of grassroots crisis-response project can feel chaotic. We will provide points of contact in the docs to help coordinate the work across different areas.

How can you help?


For access to Figma direct message @Courtney Beadel on Slack with your email address.

Other MutualAid open source projects that you can contribute to

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